Load Order Library

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Load Order Library is a website I created to help with sharing modlist load orders for varying games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. The intention is to provide a convenient way for list users to get support, and for list authors to provide an easy view of what mods are in a given list. The website is created using PHP, Laravel Framework, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and other technologies. It is hosted on a Linux Server and makes use of Docker to containerize the application.


GitHub Repo | API Documentation

A rewrite of the backend to be an API. This allows myself and 3rd parties to interact with the site via an API. I make use of this for the frontend rewrite, and the Mod Organizer 2 plugin.

Frontend Rewrite

GitHub Repo

Rewrite of the frontend to be Svelte. It was originally going to be React, but I decided to switch to Svelte instead. Still a work in progress.

Mod Organizer 2 Plugin

GitHub Repo

A plugin for Mod Organizer 2 allowing users to upload their modlists directly to the site from within MO2 itself.


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GitHub Repo

Nazeem, named after the character from Skyrim, is a Discord bot I wrote for Dylan Perry's Wildlander server. Its aim is to help with some basic moderation tasks and supply a couple for fun commands.


  • Gatekeep the server, making users type /agree to remove the role, granting them access to the rest of the server.
  • Auto mute suspected bot/scam accounts. Based on a few keywords in a message, the bot will mute a user and then provide a notification in a log channel showing the suspected message.
  • Allow people to give themselves a role by typing /faction then choosing from one of the Skyrim factions. Simply for fun.